One of the most impressive and sought after dwellings on todays market, a barn conversion can vary by means of full conversion, conversion and modern extension or restoration.

The main consideration in a conversion of this type is: although you may already have existing walls and roof, this does not mean that this property may be more easily or a ‘lower cost’ to convert. More recent barns may just need insulated, windows, doors, heating etc which can be done reasonably inexpensively but, when barns have been left unmaintained for long periods of time, dry rot, wet rot and other fungal problems can occur. These problems may mean it is necessary to replace roofs, and in some cases rebuilding walls.

East Down Building LTD can assess your barn conversion prior to purchase or applying for permission to convert and give advice on the cost and whether the barn is worth converting or should be recognised as a new build scheme. Please do not hesitate to contact us and make an appointment to discuss your requirements; evenings and weekends are available if needed.

If your barn is ready for conversion we would be very pleased for you to benefit from our experience in this and carry out all works and leave your new home to your satisfaction and other neighbours whom will no doubt be envious of your beautiful and desirable new home.