Roofspace conversions are one of the best ways of expanding your living accommodation without losing any garden or car parking areas.

Making sure that your plans have been drawn to ensure full habitable area, without losing existing space, to allow for a staircase being fitted is always a key issue to be taken into consideration. East Down Building LTD are always pleased to help in this area by drawing on our vast experience to possibly find alternative options when assessing the project.

In most cases roofspace conversions are easily accessible, but do not worry if yours is not as in 95% of cases all roofspaces can be converted to some extent.

When carrying out a roof space conversion it is probably likely that there may be no one at home during part of the project. This is a prime issue when choosing a builder. We at East Down Building LTD have been using the same tradesmen for several years now. We are prepared to pay slightly more to them for their honesty & trustworthiness rather than constantly changing tradesmen for keener rates like most other builders do.

Where possible, we try to access your roofspace by means of scaffolding and through an upstairs window etc to try and limit the time that we require access inside your home. Usually leaving the ‘opening up’ to as late in the build as possible. This is not always possible, and if the need does arise we promise to do our utmost to keep dust & dirt to a minimum. Our team will make sure that all debris is removed and carpets etc are cleaned every evening when work finishes.

If you decide on ‘East Down Building LTD’ for your roofspace conversion on your home we are sure that you will appreciate & benefit from a team whom you can trust and leave in your home when you are not there but, also know that when you come home from a hard days work that your house will be left in a clean & tidy state.

Please do not hesitate to contact us and make an appointment at a time that suits you to discuss your requirements; evenings and weekends are available if needed.