We always use professional tradesmen and provide NICAIC registerd electricians and registered plumbers to carry out contracts. All materials are of good quality and are only brought to site as needed avoiding, a large build up of excess materials cluttering the site when not required.

We also try to inform customers of existing problems that we may notice during our construction work and will try our best to resolve any of these where possible rather than just continue with our project and play blind to what may become a larger problem in years to come.

We aim to leave your property neat & tidy at the end of every working day, and with sunrooms & extensions there is usually a means of opening from proposed development to existing.

We always try to do this at the latest stage in the build therefore keeping the main property as unaffected and dustfree for the majority of the build, hence if you use East Down Building LTD to carry out your extension we are sure you will appreciate the results of employing a firm who is prepared to adapt and work with you.

If you are considering extending your home, please do not hesitate to contact us and make an appointment that suits you; evenings and weekends are available if needed.